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Why Study in Canada?

If you’re thinking about learning English in a new country, consider Canada. Here, you can enjoy natural beauty, a diverse population and a safe, welcoming environment -- all while earning a high quality education that’s respected worldwide.

The Canadian education system is highly regarded around the world, and Canadian credentials are nearly universally acknowledged. This means that if you go on to study in a Canadian university or college after your English language classes, your degree will be recognized. Coupled with the country’s comparatively low tuition rates, you will get you get excellent value for money spent.

What about the country itself? Canadians enjoy a high standard of living and are known for the welcoming attitude they extend toward all visitors. Canada’s diverse population celebrates multiculturalism as part of everyday life, and it consistently ranks among the best countries in the world in which to live.  Find more information about multicultural groups in Edmonton here.

Canada is also known for its natural beauty. Its landscape varies widely from one end of the country to the other, including ocean coastlines, large natural forests, vast and resource-rich prairies like Alberta, and striking Rocky Mountains which are a short drive from Edmonton.  As do all provinces, Alberta progresses through four distinct seasons each year - an experience newcomers often remember for a lifetime.

Canada is a safe place to live, work, and study. Its crime rates are low, and it boasts a responsive and progressive judicial system. Canada has a stable government and strong, conservative banking system.

Come to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to get to know its friendly people, spacious landscape, and strong social, political and educational systems. Those who come to Canada to learn English leave not only with an exceptional education but also a lifetime of memories. 


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