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CCI-LEX - Employers

Are you an employer with newcomers in your workforce?


Let us make a difference in the day to day communication skills of your workforce!  CCI-LEX can work with you to identify language training classes for your employees based on your needs and sector – whether it be construction, retail, manufacturing, or hospitality.  We have classes for general language skills as well as classes specific to language in different workplace environments. 

Classes can be held at your workplace at the schedule of your choosing, or they can be held at CCI-LEX's downtown location.  Our team will meet with you to learn about your company, your goals, needs, and challenges.  We will conduct language assessment of your employees to help you choose the best program for your employees.  The best part? There is no up-front cost for this.  If you choose to move forward with CCI-LEX's language training you pay the student fees only!

Once classes begin our team will maintain communication with your key stakeholders (HR Staff, Supervisors, etc.) to discuss progress, and see if there are any new challenges or priorities arising at your workplace.  After the session is complete, we will have a wrap-up meeting to look at results, get your feedback, and talk about potential next steps or opportunities for your employees.


Current Offerings:

General Communication Skills - Level 1, Level 2,  Level 3, Level 4

10-weeks; 40 hours/session



Workplace Communication Skills -for the Office - Level 1

10-weeks; 40 hours/session



Workplace Communication Skills - for Construction - Level 1, 2, 3

10-weeks; 40 hours/session



Participants will receive a certificate after successful completion of the course.

For all of the above, we require a minimum of 6 students/ class, and up to a maximum of 15 students/class.  Keep in mind that your employees may have different levels of English, so more than one class may be required.  Class levels and groupings will be recommended by CCI-LEX and discussed with you after assessment.


Don't see something that is a fit for you?  Have questions?  Contact us to discuss possibilities!  New classes will be added! 


Anne-Marie Kallal, Executive Director


Phone:  780-944-0830


In the meantime, you may find the Canada Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) of interest for any of your training needs. CCI-LEX has worked together with employers to successfully obtain this grant to be applied to the cost of our language training classes.   Visit for more information.


The CCI Program is an accredited language program with over 15 years of experience in delivering language classes that build effective communication skills and foster cultural learning.

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