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Advanced class-Harry-December 2018

Intermediate C-Silvia-December 2018

Intermediate B-Alex-December 2018

Intermediate A-Cindy-Decemeber 2018



Communication Skills-Level 4-John-December 2018

Communication Skills-Level 3-Maureen-December 2018

Communication Skills-Level 2-Linda-December 2018

Communication Skills-Level 1-Nick-December 2018

Read and Write for Success - Ron - December 2018



Advanced Evening - Majid - January 2019

Intermediate C Evening - Kanwal - January 2019

Intermediate B Evening - Ian - January 2019

Intermediate A Evening - Maria - January 2019


Precise Pronuciation - Lynn - November 2018

IELTS Academic Evening - Alex - November 2018

CELPIP - Nasrin - November 2018


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