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CCI-LEX is currently accepting international registrations for the next term May 6, 2019 and later. 



Please note: *Only the CCI Program is eligible to receive international students on a study permit for six months of study or more. Students must register for Full-Time Intensive ESL in the CCI Program.

**If you receive a study permit from CCI-LEX, you and your spouse will not be allowed to work in Canada during your studies at our school. CCI-LEX is a Designated Learning Institute. However, because we are not a degree-granting institution CCI-LEX students are not eligible for a work permit while they study.

Before you make plans to travel and register for classes, please check the Canadian Visa Requirements for your country at your nearest Canadian Embassy/Consulate. In most cases, you will require a Study Permit for study terms of 6 months of longer.

It is important that you learn about requirements and timelines for applications before making plans to travel. Study Permits can take some time to be processed so you should allow for this time when you register. In order to obtain a Study Permit, you will need a Letter of Acceptance from CCI-LEX which will include a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) number which you will find on the Letter. In some countries, you will also need to show proof of payment and have a medical check-up before you are granted a Visa. 

To get more information about visas and permits for Canada, please contact the Canadian Embassy/Consulate nearest you or go to the Government of Canada’s Website for Immigration and Citizenship:

Specific information about studying in Canada can be found here:



Orientation:  Students will receive a Pre-Arrival Letter as part of their registration package which includes information about the CCI Program, arriving in Edmonton, and services available in Edmonton.  A short orientation session will be provided to new international students by CCI-LEX.  The Orientation will review school policies, course information, school services and activities, as well as basic information about Edmonton (transit, food, weather, safet, etc.) and where to go if they have questions about visas or immigration.

School Activities:  A variety of extracurricular events from free to low-cost are organized for students on a regular basis, from lunchtime grammar clubs, to trips to local festivals, guest speakers on a variety of topics, or short trips to locations outside of Edmonton. There is also a computer lab with a variety of language-learning software available for student use outside of class time at no extra cost.

Staff Support: CCI-LEX is a small school with a big heart!  All of our office staff will do their best to answer any questions you may have, whether it’s about our school or Edmonton. Our staff are knowledgeable about the many resources available in Edmonton. If our staff or your instructor can not provide satisfactory answers the CCI Program has a Program Coordinator/Academic Lead that can provide guidance and support in regards to your academic questions or we can refer you to further services in the city.



  1. Students must be 17 years old on the first day of class.

  2. Students must have medical insurance while studying at CCI-LEX.

  3. Students must be literate (read and write) in their own language. There is no minimum level of English proficiency required to be admitted into ESL classes in the CCI Program.  

  4. All Students must take the CCI-LEX Placement Test (written and oral), to determine their class placement. CCI-LEX may require this test to be completed in full or in part prior to acceptance or registration.



International students applying for a student visa are required to pay a $150 non-refundable International Application Fee. In addition, to receive a guaranteed spot in our classes and an acceptance letter, applicants must pre-pay for a minimum of one term in either our CCI Full-Time Intensive or Super Intensive ESL Program. Below you can find the costs for one term of study and a full-year of study (three terms).

INTENSIVE ESL (20h/week; 17-week Term; High Beginner to Advanced Levels)

Materials fees include any texts or photocopies for Intensive ESL classes.  Additional materials fees are due when a student advances to a new level in less than one term.  Additional fees may apply if students choose to take different or additional classes. Payment for one term is due in full before a student is considered registered and can receive an acceptance letter for their study permit.

SUPER INTENSIVE ESL (26h/week;17-Week Term; Intermediate & Advanced Levels)

Materials fees include any texts or photocopies for all Super Intensive ESL classes.  Additional materials fees are due when a student advances to a new level in less than one term.  Additional materials fees may apply if students choose to take different or additional classes.

Please note:  All of the above fees are based on one-time payments made per term.  After completing their first term of study, students may pay for 4-week periods.  In this case, the total cost of tuition for a full year will be higher than noted here.  

You can find up to date information about both full-time and part-time programs, schedules, and pricing, here.



Individuals applying for a Student Visa with CCI-LEX are required to pre-pay for one full-term of Full-Time Intensive ESL (outlined above). 

CCI-LEX will provide a refund ONLY in situations where the visa is denied.  The refund will be based on net funds received, less the non-refundable Application fee ($150) and a $100 administrative fee, and less all bank transfer charges or any additional fees incurred by CCI-LEX, such as postage or for providing replacement documents. 

To receive a refund, CCI-LEX must be notified in writing of a visa denial before the program start date. A copy of the Official Notification of Denial letter from Immigration must be provided to CCI-LEX at that time.  A refund will not be issued if CCI-LEX receives notification of the visa denial on or after the program start date.

Once a student begins their term of study there are no refunds. 

In cases where CCI-LEX cancels a class:

  1. If the class is cancelled prior to the start date, the student will be entitled to a full refund.
  2. If the class is cancelled after commencement, the student will be entitled to a full refund, less registration and materials fees, and less the cost of classes that have already occurred.



All students must follow CCI-LEX Policies and Procedures attached here and maintain good academic standing with the school.  CCI-LEX reserves the right to dismiss students that cannot maintain academic standing or abide by school policies and procedures.

Please read our policy for academic standing and our general dismissal policy here.



Please read about our process for handling academic disputes here.



Please read about our process for handling complaints and disputes  here.



Health insurance is incredibly important for everyone to have when living or staying in a foreign country. All international students at CCI-LEX must have medical or health insurance. Please find information about medical insurance and our policy here.

You can find information about health insurance for temporary residents in Alberta here.



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