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LEX NEW TERM STARTS SEPTEMBER 4, 2018: Part-time English classes for landed immigrants, citizens and refugees

Jun 11 2018
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Part-time English as an Additional/Second language classes for adult permanent residents (new naturalized citizens, landed immigrants and refugees) taught by volunteer teachers.  Small fees apply.


New Term starts September 4, 2018 for morning, afternoon, and evening classes.  

Registration open now!  

Please be aware classes fill up very quickly, and some classes will have waiting lists.  All students need to take the free CCI-LEX Placement Test before registering.

The LEX Program provides General ESL classes for all skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar.  LEX classes are taught by volunteer teachers who receive ongoing support and training in instructing ESL. The Learning Exchange offers part-time classes and continuous enrollment, which allows students to begin their course without long periods of waiting, provided there is class space available.

Read more about English classes in The LEX Program here

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